Release – July 19, 2020

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AvidXchange Strongroom strives to create a product that is easy to use, high performing and provides our customers with superior paperless invoice product. We create release notes to best communicate the changes and updates we are making, as well as improvements to features to better serve your needs, as we continue to improve our products.

What’s New?

Vendor Account Numbers and Missing Invoice Alerts pages


Added autocomplete functionality for Association and Vendor fields

The Autocomplete functionality was added to the Association field box and the Vendor field box to provide a universal search option on the below pages.

Note: The Vendor field box can only be selected once the Association is selected.

When you enter a minimum of two (2) characters into the Association field box or the Vendor field box, the autocomplete functionality will display all options containing those letters. Select the Association and/or the Vendor from the drop-down menu, and then click the Search button to view the Records.  Refer to Figure 1 for a visual representation on how this enhancement will look for all the associated pages listed below.

The following pages have been updated to include this enhancement:

  • Vendor Account Numbers

Path: Administration>>Site Setup, then Vendor Account Numbers

  • Vendor Account Number Details

Path: Administration>>Site Setup>>Vendor Account Numbers>>Detail

  • Add Account

Path: Administration>>Site Setup>>Vendor Account Numbers, and then click the Add Account

  • Enabled Vendor Account Numbers

Path: Invoices>>Missing Invoice Alerts>>Enabled Accounts

  • Recommended Accounts

Path: Invoices>>Missing Invoice Alerts>>Recommended Accounts

  • Search Vendor Account Numbers

Path: Invoices>>Missing Invoice Alerts>>Search Accounts


To display all options for the Association (see Figure 7 ) and/or the Vendor (see Figure 8 ), without using the autocomplete functionality, double-clicking or entering a space into the field boxes will display a menu of all Associations and Vendors available.

Select the Association and the Vendor from the drop-down menu, and then click the Search button to view the results.

Note: The Vendor field box can only be selected once the Association is selected.

Invoice Search page

Search for Invoices with Held Status

Added the ability to search invoices with a Held Status

Previously, invoices with a Held status were only visible under the My Invoices page (see Figure 9) upon reaching the Hold until date.

We added the Held checkbox  to allow you to select the option to search invoices with a held status (see Figure 10).

Note: When the Held checkbox is selected, the Pending approval checkbox will automatically be selected.

Path: Invoices>>Invoice Search


AvidPay Authorization Form Template

Modified the ACH Authorization Form Template

We modified the Confirm Bank Account Authorization on AvidPay template (see Figure 11) to update the outdated language and add a paragraph for the Customer ACH Agreement (see Figure 12).

Note: Please note, these changes will only apply to the forms that are created going forward.

Path: AvidPay>>AvidPay Requests>>click Details link>>click PDF Icon



Added the ability to run the AvidXchange Strongroom Integration process with QuickBooks without opening the QuickBooks application.

In previous releases, when running the AvidXchange Strongroom integration for QuickBooks, the QuickBooks application must first be open for the integration to execute properly and would only allow you to integrate for one company at a time.

We modified the AvidXchange Strongroom application to import and export data from QuickBooks without manually opening and closing each company in QuickBooks, allowing for the integration to sync for multiple companies at a time. (see Figure 13).

Note: When running the QuickBooks integration for the first time after July 19th, you will need to re-authenticate the integration with QuickBooks. After clicking the Validate button within the AvidXchange Strongroom Integration client, navigate to QuickBooks and select the “Approve even when QuickBooks is not open” option from the window that appears.

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