Release – November 24th, 2019

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AvidXchange Strongroom strives to create a product that is easy to use, high performing, and provides you with significant value. The purpose of these release notes is to notify you of the changes made and the expected release date.

What’s New

Automate Monthly Billing Process

  • After incremental improvements in code that the customer may appreciate but which are unlikely to impact functionality negatively.

       For Example, an API improvement that speeds data transfer to the accounting system.

  • One-off file-based integrations. These are handled by the Onboarding Integrations team.

Improved Payment Workflow

  • Marketing team
  • Customer solutions leadership
  • Company leadership, if the new feature is part of a larger directive

What’s Changed?

Storage Space

Improve Logging Storage and Efficiency

Changes were made to store logs for specific time-frames to increase storage space and enhance the user experience.

Increased Reliability in AvidXchange Strongroom by increasing Storage Capacity to the Help File and Database Storage Capacity

Increased storage capacity to allow more flexibility and greater efficiency to accommodate the increasing number of transactions and customers using AvidXchange Strongroom.


Estimated Cash Balance Error Message

Previously, when an invoice would equal the current cash value which reduces the amount to zero (0), a Balance Error message would occur (see Figure 3).

We modified the Cash Balance Error message to only display when the estimated balance is less than $0 and not equal to $0.

Path: My Invoices>>Confirmation Page


Corrected the misspelled word ‘Vender Name’

Under the Custom Sort section, ‘Vendor Name’ was misspelled as Vender Name. We corrected the misspelled word to show the correct spelling, Vendor Name.

Path: Administration>Site Setup>Priority Sort Configuration (at the very bottom of the screen)>click Edit


Payment Reference Enhancement

Sage 50 & TOPS One Integration: Configuration Updates for Payment Reference export

The Payment Export Configuration enhancement was added to allow users to transfer data from the Payment Reference fields. The following Configurable fields have been added:

  • Account Number
  • Internal Notes
  • Invoice Number
  • Reference Number
  • Check Notes (Check Stub Notes)
  1. Each Boolean field toggles on/off to allow you to choose which field will be included in the Memo.
  2. The MaxLength field is an integer field that specifies the maximum length of the field allowed before being truncated.  This allows control over the accounting system field limits.


To enable this enhancement, please contact the On-boarding Support team.

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