Release – September 22, 2019

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AvidXchange Strongroom strives to create a product that is easy to use, high performing and provides you with significant value. The purpose of these release notes is to notify you of the changes made and the expected release date.

What’s New? 

Expanded the Company Code field to 50 Characters (56778)

Under the Companies section, the Code field was modified to now allow a maximum of 50 characters.


File Adapter: Insurance Company Name failed to populate into the AvidXchange Strongroom application (23257)

When running the AvidXchange Strongroom Integration process for Vendor Import, the Vendors CSV file was not populating the Insurance1CompanyName column and the Insurance2CompanyName column with the company name.

Modified the AvidXchange Strongroom Integration template for Vendor Import to recognize the following fields:

  • Insurance1Company is renamed to Insurance1CompanyName
  • Insurance2Company is renamed to Insurance2CompanyName

Condo Manager: Added Liabilities to the Default GL Stylesheet (62929)

Previously, the Liabilities Account Types was not included as part of the default CondoManager General Ledger (GL) integration process.

Modified the AvidXchange Strongroom application to include Liabilities as part of the default CondoManager GL Integration process.

Company Import: Auto Add Vendors is not checked by default during Company Import (64575)

When importing a company from TOPSONE into the AvidXchange Strongroom application, previously  Global Vendors were manually added.  The  Auto Add Vendors checkbox was added to automatically add Global Vendors when importing a company into the AvidXchange Strongroom application.

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