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AvidXchange Strongroom strives to create a product that is easy to use, high performing, and provides our customers with superior paperless invoice products. We create release notes to communicate best the changes and updates we are making, as well as improvements to features to serve your needs better, as we continue to improve our products.

Invoice Management

Missing Invoice Alerts (MIA)

On MIA Details Page Add Comments, Add Save button, Add MIA History

On the Missing Invoice Alert Details page, we made the following enhancements:

  • Comment box: The comment box enables you to add comments to the Missing Invoice Alert record (i.e. why an invoice is late and when to expect it.
  • Save button: You must click the Save button to save your comments.
  • MIA History: MIA History enables you to review previous comments and the additional details and workflow of the MIA in the future.

Path: Invoices>>Missing Invoice Alerts and then select Details for a specific MIA


Stranded Invoice E-Mails

Added additional use case to stranded Invoice e-mails

Stranded invoices are invoices in AvidXchange Strongroom that do not meet the following criteria:

  • No approver assigned
  • No correct role member responsibilities configured
  • Missing a bank account to pay the Invoice.

When the Stranded Invoice functionality is enabled, AvidXchange Strongroom application will send the designated user a detailed e-mail listing all invoices that are missing some of these key settings.

In this release, we added an additional use case to the Stranded Invoice scenarios and included it in the e-mail for visibility purposes

If an invoice is assigned to an active association without a bank account, then a Stranded Invoice will be created to alert you that the bank account is missing and the invoice cannot be paid.

We added this scenario in the group titled Invoices have a Company Assigned (without a Bank Account) (Assign a primary Bank Account to Company).

Once notified of this new stranded invoice scenario, to locate these stranded invoices, for this new scenario only, the user should perform the following:

Select only the status of Pending Approval, then Search

Path: Invoice>Invoice Search

When the resulting list of invoices is displayed, perform a Column Sort from the Pay From Account:

Pay From Account will most likely be stranded because there is no bank account set up in the system to pay those invoices.

Note: For all other currently existing Stranded Invoices, the user can still use the Process Monitor page accessible from the hyperlink in the e-mail to see those invoices.



Default GL Code was not importing into AvidXchange Strongroom

Previously, when attempting to upload a Vendor Import File into AvidXchange Strongroom, the default GL Code was not imported into the Vendor record.

We modified the AvidXchange Strongroom application to import the GL code to the Vendor record when uploading a Vendor Import file into AvidXchange Strongroom.



Updated the Vantaca integration to allow double quotes to pass into the invoice line memo fields

We modified the AvidXchange Strongroom application to enter double quotes into the line item memo to import Invoices into Vantaca without further issues.

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